Friday practice was a little hit and miss for the number 77 Bob Jane T Mart Porsche only managing P5 in both sessions.  Qualifying on Saturday morning was a little better with P4 for the start of Race 1 later that morning.  “I was pretty disappointed with qualy, I struggled with two very important components of Queensland Raceway in sector 1 and couldn’t get the job done.” Said Max

 Race 1.  With a perfect start the Bob Jane Porsche drove around the front row and and sweep around the outside of turn 1 to take the lead.  With great cold tyre pace Max built a 0.5 sec lead before a safety car on lap 3 bunched up the field again. “ In debrief after qualy Henry said we don’t quite have the car pace so just muscle the car around to produce the lap time, so that’s exactly what I did.  It hurt me a little later in the race but by then the job was done and won” Max explained.

 Race 2.  The Jim Richards Endurance Trophy race for Round 4.  The start of the 33 lap was even all the way to turn 1 for the front row with Max slotting into 2nd on entry to turn 2.  The leading three settled into a rhythm pulling away from the field.  Max made a move on lap 8 to take the lead out of turn 5 after a small mistake from Jones. “After taking the lead I made a small gap back to second and maintained looking after the tyres.  At about lap 17 I noticed I had a fuel pressure problems and the car started losing power,  by lap 20 it was all over”

 Race 3.  After the fuel pump failure in Race 2 the Bob Jane Porsche had to start last on the grid in P19.  With an incredible opening lap Max moved to P11 before a 4 lap safety car slowed up the field.  With only 7 laps remaining, Max charged through the field setting the fastest lap of the race with a 1:11.519 sec and crossing the line in 4th place.  After post race penalties were handed out he officially finished 3rd.  “It was great fun to run from the back, I had really good pace and I think if we had a couple of more laps I could have been challenging for the lead.  It wasn’t a great weekend for the championship but I think as a driver it was my best weekend for a long time.”