Personal INFO

Age: 17

Height: 193CM/6'4"

Hometown: Adelaide, SA

Hobbies: Wakeboarding, downhill mountain bike riding and racing.

Years Racing: 10 years


Formal Education: 3rd year apprentice mechanic

Top Racing Accomplishment: 2017 Australian Formula Ford Champion

Career Goals: To be a professional racing driver around the world

Career highlights and accomplishments:

2018                                                    PORSCHE MICHELIN GT3 CUP CHALLENGE

Round 1.  The Bend Motorsport Park, Round winner Qualified 9th, 2 x win,1 x 2nd

Round 2.  Sandown, 4th. Set new lap record                      Qualified 2nd, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd, 1 x 4th

Round 3.  Phillip Island, 8th                                    Qualified 2nd, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 9th, 1 x dnf

2018 Burson Future Star recipient


Round 1.   Sandown Raceway, Round winner            Qualified 7th, 1 x win, 2 x 2nd

Round 2.   Wakefield Park,  Round winner            Qualified 2nd, 2 x wins,  1 x 4th

Round 3.  Winton Raceway, 2nd for the round    Qualified 3rd, 1 x win, 1 x 2nd

Round 4.  Queensland Raceway, 3rd for the round Qualified Pole, 1 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd

Round 5.  Sydney Motorsports Park,  3rd for the round Qualified 2nd, 2 x 3rd 1 x 5th

Round 6.  Phillip Island,  5th for the round
Qualified Pole,  1 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd


Max early.jpg


Round 1. Phillip Island,  Round winner                    Qualified Pole, 3 race wins

Round 2. Sandown,  Round winner                         Qualified Pole, 1 x 5th, 2 wins

Round 3. Sandown, Round winner                         Qualified Pole. 2 wins, 1x 2nd

Round 4. Winton,  Round winner                           Qualified 2nd, 3 race wins

Round 5. Phillip Island,  Round winner.  Lap record
Qualified pole 3 wins.
Reset Jamie Whincup's Winton Raceway Formula Ford lap record

Masters of Mallala Round 4 HQ's Qualified Pole, 1 x 4th 2 x 2nd 1 x win,


KA - SA Titles round 1. 2nd place
KA - Vic Country Series Round 1. 1st place
KA - Lap Record. Jnr Clubman Portland Kart Club
KA - Vic Country Series Round 2. 2nd place
KA - Lap Record. Jnr Clubman Horsham Kart Club
KA - SA State Titles Round 2. 3rd place
KA - Vic Country Series Round 3. 5th place
KA - SA State Titles Round 3. 3rd place
CAMS - Masters of Mallala round 3. Circuit Excels 2nd place Mallala Raceway Circuit Excel Lap Record
KA - Vic Country Series. Rnd 4 Hamilton. 2nd place


KA - Festival State Cup Jnr Hvy 4th place                        KA - City of Adelaide Titles 2nd place JNH                       KA - Jnr Top Guns 3rd place
AIDKA - SA State Title 3rd place Jnr Hvy                    AIDKA - Angas Go Kart Club Jnr Best and Fairest

2013 AIDKA

AIDKA - Australian Titles 1st place Jnr Hvy                  AIDKA - SA Titles 1st place Jnr Hvy
AIDKA - Angas Go kart Club, Jnr Hvy Club Champ      AIDKA - Jnr Showdown Champ

2012 AIDKA

AIDKA - NT State Titles 1st place. Jnr Lght                 AIDKA - WA State Titles 1st place. Jnr Hvy                AIDKA - Angas Go Kart Club Jnr Best and Fairest

2008 AIDKA
At age 7, first dirt kart and raced in rookies.


My Story

Racing is something that has always been in my life. Before I was old enough to race myself, we were busy with my dad and drag racing.

At the age of 7 I started racing Dirt Karts. I didn’t want to get out. I travelled near and far. Winning the Australian Junior Heavy Title in Alice Springs was the biggest highlight of racing dirt karts.

At the age of 12 I started racing Bitumen Karts. After some race wins and track records it was decided to step up to circuit racing.

On my 14th birthday my dad and I built my first race car. Circuit Excels was a great stepping stone, learning about clutch gear changes and suspension movements. After mastering this I managed to reset the lap record 3 meetings in a row. After discussing my driving future with a couple of professional drivers, I decided Formula Ford was the way to go as the calibre of drivers that has gone through speaks for itself.

We contacted Sonic Motor Racing Services, one of the best teams in Australia. A meeting was set up and I was hooked. To win the Victorian State Championship (2016) in my rookie year and to get a lap record, (previously held by Jamie Whincup for 14 years) at Winton was something else. To follow this up the following year (2017) to win the Australian Formula Ford Championship was fantastic. I then had the opportunity to compete in the Mazda Road To Indy Shootout. (10-11 Dec 2017) Competing against 19 other champions from around the globe in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am very excited to see what happens next. After the success of Formula Ford, my step for this year is for me to be competing in GT3 Cup Challenge.

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